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  • Integrated Marketing Plans
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  • New Products & Services Development
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  • Innovation Strategies & Techniques
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Customizable by Company and Industry.

Consulting Services

  • Industry Analyses
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • New Products & Services Development (from initial concepts through sales forecasts & financial projections)
  • Innovation Process Optimization

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What our clients say.

"Michelle's program was one of the highlights of my academic experience at NYU Stern. The topics and teaching approach were exceptional she created a more dynamic learning environment."
Livia Cymrot – Dove Hair Brand Building Unilever, USA

"The objective of the Marketing Plans Program is quite practical—to develop a marketing plan for a brand. Michelle guides us through the upfront preparation for the plan, as well as the plan itself. A course with such practical implications is totally geared towards executive who can take lessons from the class one day and implement them at work the next."
Todd Simley - News Producer NBC Universal, MSNBC

"Thank you for a fantastic program. I wish I had taken it sooner in my career. As I am currently working on Marketing Plan for my brands, I found it helped me change the way I approached the industry and competitive analyses, providing more meaningful and actionable insights. My agencies commented it was the most thorough background they had received in preparation for their tactical pitches. I love when things I learn in the classroom can be directly and immediately applied in the 'real world'"
Stacy Kearney - Deputy Director, Product Management, US, Sanofi Pasteur